Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baby Baluga

Penelope and Scarlett had their end of year music performance called "Baby Baluga".  Normally I don't like how they combine kindergarten and first grade for performances because there are too many kids and too many parents to see.  This year it worked out in our favor because things are busy with a newborn and it was nice to just go to  one performance.
They did great!  Both girls were excited and seemed to really enjoy it.  Tucker had done the same exact songs a few years ago so the night before all three of them were singing the songs together around the house.  It was cute.
Both girls got to be in the front so I could see them.  Penelope just had the music stand in front of her most of the time, it didn't block her face though.
I had a relief society activity that night so Calista, Leon and I went to the day performance and Bob and the kids went to the night one.  Leon got a little difficult toward the end.  I think he was having a hard time paying attention, but it wasn't too bad.  Calista slept the whole time.

This video is of the song that has been stuck in everyone's head since the performance.  Scarlett thinks it is funny. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


One thing I didn't anticipate with the baby was how much help the other kids would be.  I just knew that five kids would be hard, and it is, but the older kids really help out so much.  I've said it before that Calista likes to be held so it is pretty impossible for me to get anything done.  Except when Tucker, Penelope, or Scarlett holds her, and they love to do it!  At first it made me pretty nervous to watch them because Calista would cry and they would bounce her or try to give her the pacifier and just keep trying.  I expected them to give up when she cried but it doesn't really bother them that much.  And they quickly got better at it.  After about a week of me letting them hold her more the've improved a lot at calming her down.

I'm also surprised how happy Calista is to go to them.  Sometimes they seem to be holding her in a really awkward position or it seems like they bounce her a little too hard.  I tell them to go slow and be soft.  Calista likes it when the kids hold her almost as much as when I do.  She really just wants to be held and doesn't seem to care who is doing the holding.

Several times a day Scarlett and Penelope ask to hold her.  They hold her the most with Tucker shortly after that.  Once one person is holding her the others all ask if they can hold her too.  If they see she is crying when she is laying in her swing they will run and wash their hands then ask if they can pick her up.

We needed to do some yard work and weeding outside on Saturday.  So instead of me just holding her and watching everyone else pick weeds I was able to help out and the kids took turns holding her.  It was the job they all wanted because whomever was holding her wasn't doing yard work.  She even got pretty sleepy and so I wanted the kids to put her down to sleep so they could help, but of course they would rather hold a sleeping baby than pull weeds.

Between the kids help, and her sleeping more in her own co-sleeper bed, I feel like I have so much freedom!  In actuality I am pretty bound to her and went somewhere without the kids for the first time in 3 weeks.  It was the store to try to find clothes to wear and I had to rush back to feed Calista.  I still spend most of my day/night feeding and holding her, which can be hard sometimes.  But I feel a little like I'm getting things done now.

p.s. I didn't drive around like this, sometimes I put her in her carseat to nap even when we are at home.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

I forgot to take outfit pictures last week!  Go ahead and link up anyway.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sleeping Baby

Calista is officially three weeks old and she slept last night!  It was so great!!!!!  Normally when we try to put her in her bed she will cry.  Then we try to calm her with her pacifier or put an arm on her and be really close so she thinks we are holding her.  Sometimes that will work for a little bit until she realizes what is going on and starts kicking and crying.  Then we try again or someone ends up holding her until it is time to feed her, and then we start the process over and continue all night long.  But last night after I fed her I laid her down in her bed and she slept!  Not only did she sleep but she slept for four hours.  I kept waking up because my body is used to feeding her at least every two hours, but every time I looked at her she was still sleeping.  After four hours I fed her and she went into her bed again!  She was in her own bed almost the entire night.  I feel like I have so much energy, which is funny because anyone without a newborn who has to get up three times in the middle of the night would probably not consider it a good nights sleep.  I feel well rested.

Hopefully this isn't a fluke and she really does start sleeping in her own bed!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Feeding the Horses

I've been going on lots of walks lately.  First before Calista was born in hopes of bringing on labor and now that she is here to get fresh air and a little exercise.  Sometimes I let the kids come with me, and they almost always want to stop and feed the horses.  I took these a few weeks back.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day/ Family Pictures

One of the hardest pictures to take is one with our whole family in it.  I know the kids never last long when it comes to pictures so I tried to have everything set up beforehand.  We took these right after church last week so no one even had to spend time getting dressed for the pictures.  The hardest thing for me was the weather, I really wanted a lot of natural light coming in through the window but that didn't quite happen.  I'm happy with how they turned out!
With all seven of us on the bed it hardly looks king sized.

This picture of just the three of us was a breeze compared to the one with the kids.  You can't even tell that Calista was upset almost the whole time.

This mothers day the kids brought me a cinnamon roll for breakfast in bed.  It was great!  Then when I came downstairs I had an abundance of cards the kids made for me.  The best presents are the ones the kids make.  They are so sweet.
 Bob helped with the giant candy covered card.
 After church we went to over to my moms to spend time with her and my sister.  The only thing I would have changed about the day if I could was the pouring down rain.
I love my kids so much!  It was hard to believe this Mother's Day that I am the mother to five children!  Often I feel overwhelmed at the amount of work and the huge responsibility I feel to do a good job raising them.  I am honored that Heavenly Father sent them to me to be their mom.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Watch What Im Wearing

Happy Mother's Day!  I'm going to visit my mom after church today.  Do you have mother's day plans?

I wanted to make sure to stand in front of my pretty trees that are in bloom.  I love this time of the year.
Calista wanted to show off her church outfit as well.
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