Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I'm a little embarrassed because I think we went to Enoshima back in January.  I guess that is a testament to how busy I've been this year.

Enoshima is a small island not too far from where we live, maybe about an hour.  There is a bridge connecting it so it was easy to drive there.  Japan seems to always have lots of sea food but Enoshiima had even more beach type stores.
This Hello Kitty store was the kids favorite.

It had this hilarious toy that copies everything you say.  I think we could have a lot of fun with it at home.

The kids were dying to get an ice cream even though it was freezing cold.  We decided to share the strawberry sweetened condensed milk flavor.  It was good but nothing unexpected or extraordinary.
The real treat was this squished octopus chip.  They literally picked up the whole octopus and we got to watch them squish and fry it.  The amazing thing was that everyone in our family liked it.
Of course, like everywhere in Japan there was a big shrine.  This one had so many stairs you could pay for the elevator.
We paid for it but I would not next time.  We had a few hours to kill and thought we would be up and down several times.  I was wrong they ticket is only good fo once up the two...or was it three, elevators.

At the top they had a tulip festival going on.  It was very small compared to the one in Washington, but the flowers were pretty.  I just couldn't get over how they had tulips in the middle of the winter.

The observation tower had a great 360 degree view.
There were quite a few people there taking pictures of their dogs with the tulips.

The kids ran around this gondala for a while.  They were reenacting that scene from the Sound of Music, "I am 16..."
The main reason we went on the day we did was because they were doing their winter illumination.  That is why we had hours to spend waiting for them to turn the lights on.

Monday, February 19, 2018

New House

I've been so busy moving into our new house I haven't had time to post.  I want to get back to posting again so  here is a video Bob and Tucker took of our new house before we moved in.  Check it out.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Watch What I'm Wearing

I've been wanting one of these herringbone quilted vests for a while now so I was pretty happy when it arrived in the mail. 

Friday, February 2, 2018


I signed all the kids up for modeling here in Japan.  I don't think it is something we will regularly do because all the time and work honestly doesn't seem worth the money.  But I do want them to at least try it each once for the experience.  I had to send in pictures of the kids and I thought I'd share.  I'm not posting Calista's because I just posted a bunch of pictures of her.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Yokosuka Bilingual School

The kids went to their first day at the Yokosuka Bilingual School.  They aren't attending school there but once a month they have activities the weekends.  It was pretty much a full school day for them and a great chance for them to meet Japanese kids.
When I came to get them at the end of the day the kids were taking turns telling everyone about their new friend.  They all had a Japanese partner they were supposed to learn about.
Leon was bored and rolling around on the floor.  He had never gone to a full day of school before and by 4 o-clock he was pretty over it.
While the kids were in class Calista and I had the whole day to ourselves.  Bob was working, so we checked out the mall for a while.  This is pretty much how I look whenever I go out, black coat, baby in front, backpack in back.
I just included this next picture because as I was looking through them I thought it was funny how we both looked in the mirror in the first pic and at the camera on the second.
I almost wanted to get these cat pajamas just so I could really experience the marshmallow feel.  Cat things are really popular in Japan.

After the mall we met Bob for lunch then headed home for a nap and yoga before going to get the kids.  It was so nice, I felt like I had all the time in the world.  I just kept thinking about how if I sent the kids to public school my life could be like this everyday.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Swimming Fun

One thing I love about living here in Japan is the free gym access.  There are two good size gyms that are free that we can go to pretty much whenever we want.  I guess Bob had that back in Washington, but I never did.  There are group classes that you can pay for but there are a couple free ones as well.  We took a break from swim lessons for a couple months but I wanted the kids to keep up with what they already learned so we took them to the pool a couple times.
Everyone loved it except for Calista.  She seemed kind of confused and upset most of the time.  By the end both times she started experimenting with the water on her hand but that was about it.  I'm sure if we took her more regularly she would like it, but honestly that isn't going to happen.
At first I thought I would just teach them to swim and it would be just as good as the lessons.  I was wrong, just because I've watched the kids participate in swimming lessons does not mean I know how to teach them.  My attempt at lessons didn't go well, but they had so much fun just playing around in the water, I think that helped them with their skills just as much as my teaching would have.  Sometimes just having fun in the water is all it takes.
We just signed up for a new homeschool swimming class during the days that I'm really excited about.  It will be once a week and I hope the kids can make some friends along the way.